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8 Easy Ways to Make Conferences Work For You


As an ad sales executive, conferences are a “no-brainer” way to meet prospects.

Whether you are attending a training event, participating as a vendor, sponsor or even if your company is hosting the event, there are always great opportunities to...

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5 Quick Ways to Get Your Sales Email Opened

You will never make the sale if no one reads  your email.

An email is often the first touchpoint for reaching marketers looking to promote their brands - but like most of us, prospects receive over 200 emails a day.

So how do you standout in a...

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3 Actionable Steps to Close More Deals

We’ve all been there.

You meet with your prospect, run several meetings, they tell you how much they love your proposal but then you wait… and wait and wait…..

But since the deal is at a 90% close probability in your funnel you keep telling your...

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Four Horseman and Five Years Running

At the recent Programmatic TV Summit, Lance Neuhauser CEO of 4C, referred to Amazon, Apple, Netflix and other such companies as the horseman of the TV apocalypse. The growth of OTT streaming services is made readily apparent when looking at the...

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Is TV Overcoming the Digital Dilemma?

As upfronts come to a close, MediaRadar is providing a glimpse into how broadcast networks are positioning themselves to overcome the challenges facing their industry. Not surprisingly, the biggest challenge for broadcasters has been...

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The Robots are Coming: How Publishers are Using AI to Increase Productivity.

We all know Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing, but what is its future in publishing?

AI’s greatest power lies in its ability to minimize mindless repetitive tasks - the types of tasks that publishers hate - freeing up time and resources for...

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5 Ways to Validate Your Price Point!

The Challenge:

As a sales or new business executive, you face a plethora of objections when trying to close the deal. Whether you are working to get your foot in the door with a new prospect or sitting down to discuss contract details, you will...

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Tips for Getting Your Email Opened

In today’s cluttered digital world, getting your email read—let alone opened—is no easy task. On average, email users receive 88 emails daily. What can you do to make sure your email stands out? It all starts with the who, what, and when.

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The Future of Native: Quality begets Quantity

Demand for native campaigns and content has never been higher, triple what it was in January of 2015. The proliferation of this format, however, has not coincided with market-wide understanding of how to optimize it. Thousands of advertisers are...

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2017 IMAG Conference Reflection

Each year the IMAG conference brings together independent and enthusiast magazine media executives to discuss the challenges and successes of their industry and brands. Unlike other events, we always appreciate the transparency of this group. In...

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