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We work with more than 1,400 media properties to help their sales teams increase ad sales.
Here’s what some of them are saying:







“MediaRadar’s digital offerings are an incredible asset and provides huge advantages to any organization that is looking to make sense of the medium.”
– Keith Grossman, Bloomberg Media Group


Thank you, MediaRadar!! I am loving the new Integrated Account Review. There is no other tool that provides anything like this. Amazing!
–Scott Tucker, FOX Networks

Hanley Wood
“MediaRadar’s proven to be a strong player in the B2B market, providing real time accurate picture of market share analysis for reporting, quickly identifying print & digital opportunities for sales conversion, and providing detailed insights on the bigger picture. These elements alone set them apart from anyone else in the industry.”
– Dan Colunio, Hanley Wood Media


“MediaRadar is delivering on all fronts. Although I’m a new user, I’m quickly incorporating the service into my daily/weekly routine. I value both the big picture perspective as well as the more granular insights.”
– Carolyn Fessler, AARP Magazine (50-59 Edition)


"The digital insights that MediaRadar provides our team have been awesome. They have great customer support, and I log into the tool every day and find it a highly valuable resource."
– Darren Klein, Shazam

National Geographic

“I have broken new business in the past due to MediaRadar and I am excited to do it again in the near future” 
– Brendan Ripp, National Geographic


“If you're looking for a solid, easy-to-use contact resource MediaRadar is a great place to start. I've been extremely happy with the service and appreciate their continuous innovation into campaign investments and ad units. Bottom line is I save time navigating clients and agencies. The email convention alone is worth the investment.”
– Chris G., Flipboard, Inc.


MediaRadar has quickly become an important part of our ad sales tool kit. The data and analysis they provide IMDb informs our internal reports, client-facing sales materials, and helps us prospect and close business.” 

Tony Brancato, GM Advertising, IMDb



“This tool is awesome! I found all mobile web short form video buyers and programmatic!”
– Ed Carey, KARGO


“MediaRadar is one of the best tools out there, especially for real time competitive and marketplace data.”
– Bill Shaner, Meredith Research Solutions

Farm Journal Media

“MediaRadar saves my sales team a great deal of time by providing client-level and competitive information. As programmatic ads and other new offerings join the digital universe, I use MediaRadar to ensure I won’t come across and surprises. It is a must have.”
– James Arnold, Farm Journal Media

OK Weekly

“MediaRadar is easily accessible, reliable, and intuitive. It is filled with useful information. The reports allow me to do my job faster, smarter and better.”
– Caitlin Riddell, OK! Weekly

Just Premium

“I’ve found using the ‘Perfect Pitch’ tool to be incredibly tactful to leverage with potential clients.  Knowing what they spend their money on, where they spend it, and which type of creative they value the most was a real asset when reaching out.”
– Kyle Fox, JustPremium

The Atlantic

 “The versatility and capabilities of MediaRadar has surpassed our expectations. Typically, people think of it as a great reference tool for sales reps, but it offers so much more beyond the already generous amount of account information. In just the past week, I've used MediaRadar to: (1) look up client contacts on a number of accounts (2) get clarity on parent-subsidiary structure for a number of companies/accounts (3) find full lists of advertisers who haven't run with us, print and/or digital, but are active within our competitive set (4) analyze that list of prospects geographically and by category to inform an internal case for reorganizing account lists.”
– Sarah Champ, The Atlantic


“MediaRadar is a helpful tool that we use to stay on top of advertisers and their activity across all magazines. I love the tear-sheeting, monthly page count by advertiser, visuals of creative, and positioning.”
– Terry Alvar, Cosmopolitan


We went with Media Radar because we are truly impressed with the high level of customer service and accuracy of contact information.After testing out The List, Red Books, and Media Radar we found Media Radar to be the best database for us to quickly impact our level of success and quickly empower us with detailed account information. I personally attest that it has expedited our new business efforts. "  

 John Arnazzi , Corral360

Defy Media

“MediaRadar is a great tool. It is incredibly helpful for pre-meeting prep and strategy. Walking into a meeting and already knowing where advertisers are running, what they are buying, and the creative messages being served is extremely helpful to prove I'm a knowledgable brand consultant.” 
Liz Rene, Defy Media

Delta Sky Magazine

“We use MediaRadar every day. The daily alerts keep us up to date with client placements, positioning, ad spend, and news. The creative cheat-sheet shows us all client ad creative.”
– Janice Kilpatrick, Delta Sky

Totally Her

“MediaRadar has been a huge help as I prospect for meetings with new clients and try to break business. It is also helpful to see what brands are active in my territories that I may not have seen on our competition’s websites. There is a wealth of information in the system and every sales person should leverage that information to become more knowledgeable about their clients and better position themselves to win and grow business.”
– Jennifer Rupp, TotallyHer

NAIL Marketing

"Having been a longtime fan and user of MediaRadar on the media side of the business, I was thrilled to discover that MR has launched another game-changer, this time for agencies. This tool has transformed my prospecting process. Identifying and managing qualified leads is now taking a fraction of the time, allowing more opportunities for me to qualify and market our services.  Having access to spending and contact information down to the category and brand level in one resource has been an invaluable asset to our agency.” 

– Mike GratzNAIL Marketing 360

Triple Lift Logo

“MediaRadar lets me see which brands favor native advertising and if they use programmatic technology to place those ads. With this information, I know where I should focus my sales efforts.”
– Ethan Robinson, TripleLift


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