YouTube Fixes Horrible Ad Placements, Grows 50%

TargetMarketingYouTube had a problem in April that made it lose 5 percent of its advertisers — their videos were appearing on sites that didn’t match their brand values. The video sharing site instituted safeguards and saw 50 percent more...

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Advertisers Return to YouTube, Shopify Launches Square Rival

Street FightMonths Removed from Brand Safety Boycott, YouTube Wins Over Advertisers Again (AdWeek)

Four months after more than 250 brands pulled their advertising from YouTube because ads were appearing next to extremist content, the site’s...

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Consumer Publishing Is Changing: Which New Methods Are Working Best?

Native Advertising Institute - With the introduction of new advertising formats, ad types and methods of buying and selling inventory, consumer publishing is undergoing some big changes. To get a closer look and see what is working, we at...

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Report: Google steps up fight against fraud, and its findings are alarming

MarketingDiveFor a digital advertising industry with ever-mounting concerns about transparency and fraud, the findings from Google's initiative will do little to quell fears and only serve to reinforce the deep flaws that have recently...

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Programmatic and Addressable TV Spend Rising, Still a Small Part

OnlineVideo.netIt all depends on how you look at it. Programmatic TV ad spending will rise by 75.7 percent this year, growing to $1.13 billion, reports research company eMarketer. It will grow another 85.2 percent in 2018 and 82.1 percent in...

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YouTube boycott fervor cools, but P&G, Walmart still stay away

MarketingDiveThe YouTube boycott initially seemed like more of a PR problem for the platform and for Google than a major hindrance to revenue, but it did cost YouTube 5% of its top North American advertisers at its peak. The fact that some...

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Publishers Shift Focus To Vertical Video

Digital Content NextMobile is changing the way we consume video online. No, this doesn’t just mean that they are watching more video on mobile. Mobile viewing behavior is impacting a lot more than you might imagine. In fact, MediaBrix ran an...

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MediaRadar: Programmatic purchases down, native up

BizReportMediaRadar's new 'Consumer Advertising Report' reveals that 5,000 fewer advertisers purchased programmatic ads in the first quarter of 2017 compared with the same period in 2016 - a 12% YoY decrease.

According to Todd Krizelman, CEO of...

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Flexing Digital Muscles

DMN - I guess the lengthy downtime around Independence Day is over, because a slew of news hit the desk this week, including — from a number of source — commentary about a sharp decline in the programmatic market. 

The original source seems to...

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Is a Native Ad Spend Upswing Responsible for a Dip in US Programmatic Spend?

PerforanceINProgrammatic has seen a 12% drop in ad spend in the US this year; at the same time, there’s been a 74% surge in native advertising.

That’s according to a new report by MediaRadar tracking thousands of advertisers and ad buys,...

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