A Third of Publishers Don’t Comply With FTC Rules for Native Ads, According to MediaRadar

AdWeek - Each year, more outlets follow the regulations.

As native ads and sponsored content become more prevalent, the FTC has increased the number of regulations to help publishers and influencers navigate what’s fair to their audiences.


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High Value Placements and Rich Media Ads, Led By Mobile and Video, Soar in B2B in 2016

SIIAWhile advertisers in many B2B categories appeared to consolidate the number of B2B media sites they advertised on in 2016, several verticals saw advertisers buying more high value placements and more rich media advertising, according to...

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23 Simple Daily Rituals These Executive do Every Day, no Matter What

IncOne thing the highest achievers have in common? A steady dose of discipline.

Study high achievers and you'll find the recipe for success is fairly consistent and includes hard work, perseverance, as well as a willingness to take risks and...

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Netflix and Amazon leading OTT Advertising at the beginning of February

The Drum For the beginning of February, Netflix took the lead.


  • Hulu’s most widespread advertising was focused on The Path, which ran on 21 networks and 30 websites. Amazon, on the other hand, concentrated their efforts on The...
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Hulu and Amazon make the biggest push OTT advertising as February begins

The Drum - For the beginning of February, Hulu and Amazon were in the lead. Here's the chart and full insights.


  • Advertising is down across the board, with Go90 and SeeSo not advertising at all, and MotorTrend On Demand only...
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Bustle Uses Old-Fashioned Tactics To Win At New Media

AdExchanger - Bustle has raised $38.5 million in venture capital to create content that speaks to female millennials. And it’s beginning to see its efforts bear fruit. It earned $30 million in 2016, up from just $10 million the year before.


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Programmatic Native: A Nascent and Growing Category

DCN - For many advertisers, programmatic native feels like the Holy Grail. It brings the transactional efficiency, audience targeting and scale of programmatic to in-feed native units that match the look and feel of a publisher’s content....

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Super Bowl Sunday

Cablefax - Even if you don’t care about the on-field action Sunday, chances are the ads will pique your interest. Cox is among companies with Super Bowl spots, airing a commercial for its Panoramic WiFi in San Diego. MediaRadar did its own...

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Cynopsis - Advertising & Brands Feb 2017


Good morning. It’s Monday February 6, 2017 and this is your first early morning briefing.


The top NFL playoff ad spenders this year were Ford, AT&T, Verizon, General Motors, Anheiser-Busch, Geico, McDonald’s, Toyota...

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Super Bowl ads pricier than ever, despite NFL ratings dip

Yahoo FinanceThe story of the NFL this season was all about television ratings. Viewership fell throughout the regular season, even after the election, and ended down some 8% on average.

That drop had an impact on advertiser spending in the...

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Carriers Crank Up Football Ad Spend Ahead of Super Bowl

Wireless Week - Super Bowl 51 is set to kick off on the turf in Houston this weekend, but U.S. wireless carriers have been facing off on a field of a different kind: your TV screen.

All four Tier-1 carriers will likely have creative ad spots...

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Q&A: Here’s the Challenges Programmatic Native Needs to Overcome

Native Advertising InstituteIn a Q&A with MediaRadar CEO Todd Krizelman we ask how programmatic native can overcome its low penetration despite a surge in adoption in 2016.

The use of “three letter acronyms, fancy industry lingo and...

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Ford Top Spender on NFL Playoff Commercials

B&C - Ford was the biggest spending advertiser on NFL playoff games this season, according to new figures from MediaRadar.

No. 2 was AT&T, which was not in the top 10 a year ago. AT&T’s spending was up 281% from a year ago.

Rounding out the top...

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Want a Successful Native Ad Campaign? That'll Be $450,000, Please

AdAge - Brands that want to run a successful native ad campaign might have to pay as much as $450,000 for a six-month run.

But that might be a bargain, as marketers who cough up the cash are happy enough that they return at a rate significantly...

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Signs of the Times: Who Wins on Social?

Is social media "lift" converting to a commensurate level of new revenue? Most likely not.

Folio - A few weeks ago, I was talking to the publisher of a community/local media company about the state of the business. I suggested that his primary...

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