The YouTube boycott that wasn't

Campaign U.S - "The Times of London" first reported on March 17th that ads were appearing alongside extremist videos on YouTube. From there, things escalated quickly. Within a week, eight blue chip brands—Starbucks, Dish, AT&T, Pepsi, GM,...

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YouTube quietly pauses search ads to implement brand safety measures

Marketing LandGoogle has quietly paused its TrueView discovery ads that show up in mobile search results or as a “related video” on video watch pages on the service. The stoppage comes as YouTube works to implement additional brand safety...

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Data Shows 5% Drop In Google Preferred YouTube Channel Advertisers In April

MediaPostCEO Susan Wojcicki, speaking at the NewFronts, directly addressed the backlash by top brands after some advertisers appeared next to racist content and pulled out. MediaRadar, an ad intelligence platform, wanted to see if the long list...

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YouTube ad scandals caused 5 percent of top advertisers to leave, says analytics firm

CNBCYouTube lost 5 percent of its U.S. and Canadian top ad clients during the month of April after reports that some ads were running next to inappropriate content, according to ad analytics platform MediaRadar.

The April dip followed a...

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YouTube loses major advertisers over offensive content

New York PostLast month, YouTube lost 5 percent of its top advertisers in the US and Canada following a global uproar over its placement of ads from big companies alongside videos created by neo-Nazis and ISIS supporters.

MediaRadar, a...

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Resiliency, Progress, and Optimism at the Connectiv Executive Summit

Folio - CHICAGO — Cautious optimism — coupled with the recognition that the traditional ways of doing business are no longer as tried-and-true as they once were — could well be the theme of any media industry conference in 2017, but the...

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CEO Of MediaRadar, Todd Krizelman, Advises ACT 7 Attendees To “Go Towards The Light”

Mr. Magazine - “Go towards the light,” Todd Krizelman advised, echoing an earlier speaker at Mr. Magazine’s™ ACT 7 held at the University of Mississippi this week. Krizelman, the CEO of MEDIARadar, was present to review where print advertising...

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3 Video Trends Publishers Need to Know

OnlineVideo - In an AOL Platforms poll of 300 premium publishers, the majority said they expect digital video to be their number one revenue driver this year. Online video represents a major source of growth for publishers. But the category is...

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The Native Advertising Technology Landscape is Bigger than Expected

Native Advertising Institute - In a previous post, Douglas Karr asked, What is Native Advertising? In the article, Douglas featured our latest infographic detailing the entire native advertising technology landscape. This infographic contains...

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Striking the Right Balance: 5 Tips for Success with Native Advertising

MediaShift - In September of 2013, the late David Carr, skeptical of the burgeoning native advertising tactic that was back then “all the rage,” wrote a column titled “Storytelling Ads May Be Journalism’s New Peril.” Three months later, the...

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