Consumer publishing is changing: Which methods are working best?

How Quartz achieved a 90 percent renewal rate for branded content

Advertisers rush back to YouTube

Advertisers rush back to YouTube

Advertisers Flood Back To YouTube After Boycott

Study: YouTube brand safety woes in the rearview as advertiser presence surges

YouTube's advertiser count up 134% since Jan.

Google Preferred Advertisers Return To YouTube Months After ‘Adpocalypse’

Adpocalypse? What Adpocalypse? YouTube’s Ad Sales Bounce Back

Months Removed From a Brand-Safety Boycott, YouTube Is Winning Over Top Advertisers Again

YouTube Fixes Horrible Ad Placements, Grows 50%

Advertisers Return to YouTube, Shopify Launches Square Rival

Consumer Publishing Is Changing: Which New Methods Are Working Best?

Report: Google steps up fight against fraud, and its findings are alarming

Programmatic and Addressable TV Spend Rising, Still a Small Part

YouTube boycott fervor cools, but P&G, Walmart still stay away

Publishers Shift Focus To Vertical Video

MediaRadar: Programmatic purchases down, native up

Flexing Digital Muscles

Is a Native Ad Spend Upswing Responsible for a Dip in US Programmatic Spend?

Report: Native ad buying surges 74%, programmatic slips 12%

Programmatic Is Down, Native Is Up: MediaRadar on Q1 Ad

MarTech Report: Native ad buying surges 74%, programmatic slips 12%

Report: Print, Programmatic ads down, Native up

Brands continue to embrace native advertising with a 74% increase in ad spend this year

MediaRadar Releases New Consumer Advertising Report

Study: Native Advertising Soars 74% (As Print & Programmatic Struggle)

Brand safety concerns boost native

Programmatic ad buying is declining as native advertising increases

Study: Native ads are soaring as programmatic suffers

Report: Native ads up 74% in Q1, programmatic slows

Report Says Programmatic Buying Declined In Q1

New Study Shows That the Number of Native Ad Buyers Increased by 74% in Just One Year

P&G, Unilever scale back digital ad spending

Google Likely To Get Its $1 Billion-Plus EU Fine From This Week; Podcast Ad Spend Is Increasing Rapidly

Two of the world’s biggest advertisers are cutting back on digital ad spend

Two of the world’s biggest advertisers are cutting back on their digital ad spend

Netflix leads the charge in OTT marketing as the summer heats up

Here Are 8 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From This Week - 6/23/2017

Digital Publishers Have Been Slow to Adopt Vertical Video Ads. Is That About to Change?

MediaRadar Ranked Number 15 on Mogul’s List of Top 100 Companies for Millennial Women to Work in 2017

MediaRadar Named SIIA Business Technology CODiE Award Finalist for Best Sales Enablement Platform

The YouTube advertiser boycott is already fading in the United States

Advertisers are in the hot seat as activists both for and against Trump call for boycotts

The real measure of native success is higher renewal rates

‘More of a blip’: Boycotting brands are back on YouTube

How Brands Benefit From Partnering With Trusted News Sources

Breitbart lost 90 percent of its advertisers in two months: Who’s still there?

Lessons From The Epic Rise And Fall Of The Facebook Of The 1990s

The Pro-Trump Internet And The Alt-Right Are Turning On Breitbart

Breitbart sees huge advertising drop in May

Breitbart ads plummet nearly 90 percent in three months as Trump’s troubles mount

MediaRadar has a new partnership with comScore

MediaRadar, comScore join for more sophisticated data

Native & Header Bidding: Positive Developments With Real Challenges

MediaRadar partners with ComScore to provide publishers with smarter data

MediaRadar Integrates Independent comScore Data into its Ad Sales Intelligence Platform

Despite Challenges, Native Ad & Header Bidding Opportunities Are on the Rise

How Publishers Can Increase Sponsored Content Renewal Rates 133%

Did angry advertisers really boycott YouTube? The answer may surprise you.

Charting the Adpocalypse: 5% of Advertisers Left Google Preferred

YouTube Lost 5 Percent of Top Advertisers in April

The YouTube boycott that wasn't

YouTube quietly pauses search ads to implement brand safety measures

Data Shows 5% Drop In Google Preferred YouTube Channel Advertisers In April

YouTube ad scandals caused 5 percent of top advertisers to leave, says analytics firm

YouTube loses major advertisers over offensive content

Resiliency, Progress, and Optimism at the Connectiv Executive Summit

CEO Of MediaRadar, Todd Krizelman, Advises ACT 7 Attendees To “Go Towards The Light”

3 Video Trends Publishers Need to Know

The Native Advertising Technology Landscape is Bigger than Expected

Striking the Right Balance: 5 Tips for Success with Native Advertising

How BuzzFeed, The New York Times, Hearst, The Atlantic and Quartz define native advertising

Identify New Sales Prospects and Potential Big Spenders

Compliance, Content, and Time are the Keys Great to Native Ads

How Data Science Is Helping Brands And Publishers

Netflix and Amazon in the lead in OTT Advertising as March begins

Forecast; Native Ads Will Dominate Display

MediaRadar Launches TV Share Of Market Report

US Native Digital Display Advertising Forecast: Social Dollars Drive the Market—for Now

MediaRadar Launches TV Share Of Market Report

Nearly 40 Percent Of Publishers Ignore FTC's Native Advertising Rules

Native advertising continues to grow, but compliance issues remain

MediaRadar Wins Fourth Stevie Award for Amazing Customer Service!

Will There Be More Settlements With The FTC On Native Ads?

Amazon doubles its digital advertising spends on originals as February wrapped up

Why publishers and advertisers need to get native advertising right

‘The model can’t hold’: Publishers face content studio growing pains

4 in 10 publishers are still misleading readers with native content.

NFL Sponsorship Soars To $1.25 Billion, Up 4.3% Year-Over-Year

Third of publishers still falling foul of FTC native ad guidelines

Native Ads Still on Trial

MediaRadar Report Reveals 37 Percent of Publishers Not Native Compliant

Report: Nearly 40% of Publishers Don't Comply With FTC's Native Ad Guidelines

Study: Native ads remain non-compliant for 37% of publishers

Publishers Flout FTC Rules On Native Disclosures

One In Three Publishers Don’t Follow The FTC’s Native Guidelines

A Third of Publishers Don’t Comply With FTC Rules for Native Ads, According to MediaRadar

High Value Placements and Rich Media Ads, Led By Mobile and Video, Soar in B2B in 2016

23 Simple Daily Rituals These Executive do Every Day, no Matter What

Netflix and Amazon leading OTT Advertising at the beginning of February

Twitch Records, Vibrating Ads And Other Must-Read Marketing Stats

Hulu and Amazon make the biggest push OTT advertising as February begins

Bustle Uses Old-Fashioned Tactics To Win At New Media

Programmatic Native: A Nascent and Growing Category

Super Bowl Sunday

Cynopsis - Advertising & Brands Feb 2017

Super Bowl ads pricier than ever, despite NFL ratings dip

Carriers Crank Up Football Ad Spend Ahead of Super Bowl

Q&A: Here’s the Challenges Programmatic Native Needs to Overcome

Ford Top Spender on NFL Playoff Commercials

Want a Successful Native Ad Campaign? That'll Be $450,000, Please

Signs of the Times: Who Wins on Social?

20 Companies That Are as Great as Google

Total Monthly Brands Buying Programmatic Native Campaigns Grew Nearly 90% in 2016

The 2017 Shopper; Mobile Games Vs Social Apps

Number of Brands Buying Programmatic Native Campaigns is Exploding

Programmatic Native Grows Almost 90% In 2016, But Overall Adpotion Remains Low

Programmatic native stirs

Shoppers still aren't going to Target, despite the retailer's big marketing push

Is it good business for your native ads to comply with FTC guidelines?

Programmatic Native Ads Are Growing—But Banner Habit Is Hard to Break

Facebook Audience Network ads reach 1B people monthly

Amazon takes the lead in OTT advertising with 'The Man in the High Castle' at the forefront

Facebook to start testing mid-roll video ads

Retail Holiday Sales Rise, But 2017 Won't Be Rosy For All

Why Uncertainty Means Just One Thing To Entrepreneurs: Opportunity

Medium Pins The Perp: Ad-Supported Publishing

The Turbulent State (And Future) Of Native Advertising

Amazon's holiday dominance solidified by last-minute shoppers

Agency entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk buys women's lifestyle publisher

Native ad renewal rates disappoint

Amazon Increased Holiday TV Ad Spend by 76 Percent

What's NOT going to happen in 2017

Native Ad Renewals At 33% In 2016

Report: Amazon led big retailers in digital ad spend increases during early holiday season

Amazon ramps up its holiday TV ad spending outpaces rivals when it comes to digital ad spending

As Print Ads Decline, Wal-Mart and Amazon Boost TV, Digital Spending

Amazon increased holiday TV ad spend in a big way

Amazon beat competitors in a new way this holiday season: Money spent on TV ads

Report: Amazon Spent $135M in October & November on TV Ads

Amazon Boosts Holiday TV Spending By 76%

Hulu increases marketing in December as Shut Eye premieres

Native ads take a huge hit in 2016

Three key advertising trends for 2017

MediaRadar Announces Partnership with the Software and Industry Association’s Connectiv Division

12 Reasons to Wish You a Joyous Listicle Season!

MediaRadar Announces Partnership with the Software and Industry Association’s Connectiv Division

Amazon and Netflix ramp up marketing as the holiday season heats up

MediaRadar partners with Magazines Canada to provide digital, print ad sales intelligence

Magazines Canada allies with ad intelligence provider MEDIARadar

MediaRadar Announces Partnership with Magazines Canada

Making the Most of Cross-Platform Ad Sales

How Publishers Pivoted to Meet FTC’S Native Guidelines

Amazon quadruples the number of shows they are marketing

Netflix continued to lead in OTT marketing in October

Has America Abandoned Diplomacy For The Offensive?

The Five Stages of Screwing Up

Six Things We Know About Native Advertising

Trends in Primetime Programming: June - September 2016

Trends in Primetime Programming: Sept. 11- Oct. 24, 2016

The Promise and Peril of the Custom Banner Ad

MediaRadar’s Approach: Intelligence. Advice. Impact. Commitment.

With Daily Fantasy Sports Bubble Bursting, FanDuel and DraftKings’ Ad Spend Has Vanished

Hulu Increases Marketing as Netflix Slows Theirs Down

Brave New World for B2B Publishers

Trends in Primetime Programming: Sept. 1- Oct. 11, 2016

Trends in Primetime Programming- Sept.2016

Seeso and AOL Increase Spending on Originals as the Fall Begins

Trends in Primetime Programming- Sept. 1 – 30, 2016

Amazon Looms Quietly in Digital Ad Landscape

Cross-Media Ad Selling Expected to Rise for TV Advertisers

Trends in Primetime Programming: September 1-19, 2016

CarbonTV Takes the Lead in OTT Advertising as the Fall Begins

Trends in Primetime Programming – Sep 1-13, 2016

Netflix Continued to Lead in OTT Marketing as the Summer Wrapped Up

Trends in TV Promo for Fall Season

Native: An Ad Sales Knockout - SIIA

Found Remote’s New Partnership with MediaRadar Uncovers How OTT platforms Are Marketing Their Shows

Magazines Often Depend on Editorial Teams for Native Ad Production

Native: An Ad Sales Knockout?

Trump’s Digital Game Begins, Clinton Campaign Among Most Digitally Sophisticated

Which Olympic Marketers Spent the Most on TV and Digital Ads?

Native Advertising: Another False Messiah?

Study: Most Olympic TV Advertisers Are Also Using Digital

Here’s How Olympic Advertisers Are Divvying Up Spend Across Digital and TV

Back to our Sponsor? Why Publishers Struggle to Renew Native Advertising

A Look Inside How Olympic Advertisers are Spending TV and Digital Ad Dollars

Hillary’s Attack Ads Take the Fight Online

Study: Only 9% of Top 100 Publishers Properly Identify Native Ads

Report: 12% of Native Ads Are Not Labeled

The Lines Between Native Advertising and Editorial Content are Still Blurred

Trade Show Tips in Ten Minutes

Step up Your Networking: Make the Most of Events

New Data Shows Ralph Lauren Leaving Luxury

Summer Starts Now with Alcoholic Beverage Ads

Ads Fill Entertainment Weekly’s Special Emmy Edition

Are 5 Second Ads the New Snapchat?

Apparel, Accessories at Native Ads with 82pc Growth Year-Over-Year

Maxim Has Work To Do If It Plans to Keep Profitability Pledge

Five-Second Video Spots: Ephemeral Marketing

Keep Calm and Stay FTC Compliant

Ensure That Your Native Ads Are FTC Compliant

Publishers Are Largely Not Following the FTC’s Native Ad Guidelines

This Tool Aims to Help Sales Teams Build Better Pitches This Upfront

How B2B Publishers Can Co-op Programmatic for Themselves

Ensure Your Sales Email is Read, Not Deleted

MediaRadar Wins Stevie Award For Excellent Customer Service For Third Year in a Row!

$66 Billion Isn’t Just For TV Advertising Anymore

Can TV Bring Salvation to Magazine Media? - Folio

Revenue, Ads Increase at Redesigned Maxim

Can TV Bring Salvation to Magazine Media?

13 Companies That You’ll Truly Love Working For

The Magazine That’s Actually Eliminating Ads – and Jobs

Why Most Websites Look the Other Way on Ad Blockers

5 Things Every Sales Team Must Do in 2016

5 Successful Sales Habits to Try Now

‘He didn’t have the long-term vision’: Why Chris Hughes failed to revive The New Republic

Publishers Are About To Hit a Wall With Native Ads

The Publishers That May Need to Change their Native ads Under the new FTC Rules

Breaking Down Google’s AMP Rollout for Publishers - DCN

Breaking Down Google’s AMP Rollout for Publishers

Fashion Brands Ramp Up Digital Ad Spending, Without Cutting Back in Print

Mobile Advertising: What the Numbers Tell Us

Print Advertising Dip May Show Signs of Weak Titles, Not Shrinking Market

Do Publishers Face Risks by Adopting Google AMP?

Auto-Play Videos Catching on Beyond Facebook

Magazines On-the-Go: MPA Summit Examines Mobile Media

News from the Magazine ‘Runway’

CEO’s Share Business Stories and Successes at FOLIO:Summit

Folio: Show Wednesday Recap

The Mobile Paradox: Looking Back at this Summer’s Mobile Advertising

Ad Blocking: Fear vs. Reality

The Myth of Ad Blocking

Apple Ad-Blocking the Talk of Advertising Week

Condé Nast Tight-Lipped on September Vogue’s Ad Page Stats

Go Figure: Media Numbers For 1st Half of 2015 By MediaRadar

An Opportunity to Expand: The Restaurant Market

Hedge Funds Are Thirsty As Hell For Decision-Making Data

Report Shows That Auto Industry Is Increasing Its Digital Spend

Advertising is Influencing the Sale of Light Trucks

Autos Boost Digital Spend, Grow Site Buys

The Unstoppable Velocity of Webinar and Whitepaper Sponsorship

Should Magazines Start Accepting Political Advertising?

New Ad Tracking Software is Like Legal Insider Trading

15 Years Later, Todd Krizelman, Founder of an Infamous Dotcom Flameout, Finds Success

Four Online Video Advertising Trends You Should Be Thinking About

So You Want to Go Programmatic

The Reason B2B Media Turns to Email Again and Again

Your Career Will Thrive at This Fast-Growing Company

LVMH’s Print Acquisitions to Benefit Ad Spend, Publishing Sector

The Cream of the Crop Rises to the Top – Native

The Revolution in Magazine Processes

The Rise of Web Endemics: Who Really is Buying Online Ads?

Bringing Competitive Intelligence to Media Sales, Todd Krizelman, CEO, MediaRadar

Who Buys Long-Form Video Online?

DCN Publishers: Use Programmatic Campaign Optimization to Your Advantage

The Myth of the Integrated Buy In B2B Media

These dot-com Startups Look Just Like Some of Today’s Hottest Tech Companies – and Here’s What Happened to Them

The Myth of the Integrated Buy

The 60-second Interview: Todd Krizelman, CEO and Co-founder, MediaRadar

Are you Measuring the Right KPIs?

Apple Watch’s Limitations to Present Challenges for Advertiser, Media Relations

How to Use Programmatic Campaign Optimization to Your Advantage

The Evolution of Native Advertising: Native Lite

TheGlobe Co-Founder Todd Krizelman

BuzzFeed vs. MPA Members: Who has the opportunity to gain native advertisers?

How much programmatic advertising is placed on MPA member websites?

MediaRadar Rising Star: Marie Moffatt

Native programmatic: Apples and oranges in the same basket

Programmatic native: Finding a balance between high CPM and optimized ad placement

Programmatic native: tragedy of the commons?

Ralph Lauren Touts “Objects of Desire” in Ad Takeover of Vanity Fair’s April Edition

Forse Groei Voor Native Advertising

Report Documents Growth of Native Advertising

More Brands Are Turning to Native Advertising, Fueling the Market’s Rapid Growth

Ads with Impact: Testing a Native Campaign

Growth of Native Advertising in 2014

Native Ad Renewal Rates Much Lower Than Display

Advertisers Continue To Move Into Online Video

Native Advertising Adoption Increasing, But Unequal Across Ad Categories

Some Advertisers Moving Much Faster Than Others To Embrace Native

More Brands Buy High-Impact Ads This Holiday Season

Turn Your Problems Into Products That Companies Are Eager To Buy – with Todd Krizelman

Brands Are Embracing Online Video Advertising, Notes MediaRadar

More Advertisers Buy In Print Magazines In 2014

When Is An Ad Not An Ad?

Print Magazine Ads Looking Sweet to More Brands

The Three Traits Of A Successful Startup CEO

Native Advertising: A Growing Opportunity For Publishers

Deconstructing the Hype Around Native Media

More Brands from Various Industries Are Getting Into Native Advertising

As Online Video Consumption Soars, Publishers See Advertising Opportunity

Media, Finance, and Automotive Brands Lead Online Video Advertising Adoption

Advertisers Continue to Move Into Print

Like To Skip Ads? Better Get Over It, Data From MediaRadar Says

Little Overlap Between Print and Online Advertisers In Consumer Magazines

Folio Top Women: Emily Hirsch, MediaRadar Production Manager

31% of B2B Email Newsletter Marketers Use Only that Channel

Almost One-Third of B2B Email Advertisers Buy Only Ads In Emails

Special Ad Features Abound in September Fashion Issues

B2B Email Newsletter Advertising: Benchmarks and Trends

Women’s Fashion Magazines’ September “Fall Previews” Again Come Through In The Clutch

Dust off e-newsletters, B2Bers

Professional Service Brands Deliver More Ad Pages

There Are More Scented Ads in Magazines this Year

Summer Swelter is Advertising Cooler For Shelter

Creative Ads Abound Despite Decline in Special Features

Callaway, TaylorMade Most Active ‘Athletic Advertisers’ in H1

MediaRadar Adds Online Video Advertising Solution to Portfolio

The Advertising Bait Is Plentiful In The Outdoors Magazines’ Fishin’ Hole

Outdoor Athletics Advertising Up In Time For Summer

Overcoming Skips and Other Best Practices for Online Video

Men's and Women's Magazines Are Equally Ad Page Down

Home Furnishings and Financial & Real Estate Provide Big Returns

Garden Supply Ad Pages Grow Over 2013

An Open Letter to Mayor de Blasio

Jewelry Ads Sparkle for Mother's Day

A 'Semi-Automated' Approach To Video Ad Measurement

How Startup Founders can get Re-Inspired

Rogers Media Signs with MediaRadar

The Most Talked About Fashion Brands of 2013

3 Tips for Driving More E-mail Advertising

A Noticeable Thawing at Saint Laurent

Mags Trade Housekeeping For Style

A Bright Spot: Toiletries and Cosmetics

Take Ownership of your Data

2012 Women's Magazine Ad Sales War

One Magazine Runs More Beer Ads Than Others


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