Google Likely To Get Its $1 Billion-Plus EU Fine From This Week; Podcast Ad Spend Is Increasing Rapidly

Adexchanger - Sticks And Stones - Google and Facebook have absorbed the abuse of CPG companies on digital measurement standards, but everyone else is absorbing the losses. On top of severe rounds of agency and tech vendor downsizing, Procter &...

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Two of the world’s biggest advertisers are cutting back on their digital ad spend

Business Insider - Procter & Gamble and Unilever have both aggressively pushed for more transparency in the murky digital media landscape in recent years, even threatening to pull back on digital spending unless the system is cleaned up. And now,...

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The YouTube advertiser boycott is already fading in the United States

MashableWell, that didn't last long.

Nearly half of the American brands that made a show of pulling their ads from YouTube over placements on extremist videos in March have resumed advertising on the platform, according to tracking firm...

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Advertisers are in the hot seat as activists both for and against Trump call for boycotts

Los Angeles Times - It has come to feel like a weekly, even daily occurrence. Following a media firestorm, usually related in some way to President Trump, advertisers face calls to sever ties with the company at the center of the outrage du...

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The Pro-Trump Internet And The Alt-Right Are Turning On Breitbart

BuzzfeedOn Monday morning, Breitbart News fired staffer Katie McHugh, following a series of incendiary weekend tweets broadcast in the wake of the London Bridge terror attack. On Saturday evening, as word of the incidents spread across social...

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Breitbart sees huge advertising drop in May

TheHillBreitbart News has experienced almost a 90 percent drop in advertisers in May when compared to March, according to a Tuesday report. 

Per Digiday’s MediaRadar, which tracks ads on websites, Breitbart had 242 brands appearing on its...

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Breitbart ads plummet nearly 90 percent in three months as Trump’s troubles mount

DigidaySix months ago, Breitbart was riding the wave of the election, plotting an international expansion to provide a platform to spread far-right, populist views in Europe. But today, Breitbart is facing traffic declines, advertiser...

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Did angry advertisers really boycott YouTube? The answer may surprise you.

Digital Content NextIn March this year, a few big national brands were reported to have been found running adjacent to hate speech and even videos promoting terrorism on YouTube in the UK. This triggered a cascade of negative press with...

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Resiliency, Progress, and Optimism at the Connectiv Executive Summit

Folio - CHICAGO — Cautious optimism — coupled with the recognition that the traditional ways of doing business are no longer as tried-and-true as they once were — could well be the theme of any media industry conference in 2017, but the...

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Identify New Sales Prospects and Potential Big Spenders

FOLIO - Sales experts from HIMSS Media, NewBayMedia, and Northstar Travel Group share their thoughts on growing media sales.

In a sales environment that pits niche publishers against ubiquitous tech giants, media companies have one big...

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