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MediaRadar CEO Todd Krizelman joined the Growth Everywhere podcast to discuss all things MediaRadar. During the interview, Todd explains how he grew the business early on by going after smaller companies. In order to secure MediaRadar's first 100 clients, Todd knew he needed lock in on smaller companies that weren't well known that would have quick feedback to see if they were interested or not. A lot of times, the larger conglomerates didn't want to be guinea pigs to MediaRadar's offerings. These larger companies tend to take a year to make a decision on whether to buy or not which does not bode well for a young startup looking for customers. Throughout the interview, Todd goes on to share why he spends 50-60% of his time each week selling, how MediaRadar increases sales by 8-18% per year for each client and what his strategy is to weed out mediocre employees. To see the full story  click here.