Amazon beat competitors in a new way this holiday season: Money spent on TV ads

Recode - Amazon hasn’t historically been a big spender on TV commercials for a company of its size. But that has started to change recently, as the company has been more aggressive in pushing its Prime membership program and new gadgets like...

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Native ads take a huge hit in 2016

New York Post - Some sobering news from the native advertising front, which many legacy publishers are looking to as a digital life raft.

Native ad renewal rates for 2016 were only 33 percent, according to Todd Krizelman, CEO of the ad-tracking...

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Amazon and Netflix ramp up marketing as the holiday season heats up

The Drum - For November, Amazon was heavily promoting the return of Mozart in the Jungle, while Netflix, The Crown. Here is the full analysis.

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Making the Most of Cross-Platform Ad Sales

B&C - Thanks to the growing strength of online/mobile digital content, today’s ad sales teams have to be keenly knowledgeable in detecting and recommending the right media mixes to their advertising clients.

The reason is that linear (broadcast)...

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How Publishers Pivoted to Meet FTC’S Native Guidelines

A year after the FTC’s ruling, how many publishers are compliant?

FOLIO - Last year, after the FTC released native advertising guidelines, an alarming amount of publishers were found to be noncompliant. According to ad sales intelligence...
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Amazon quadruples the number of shows they are marketing

The Drum - For the beginning of November, Amazon ramped up their marketing from 4 to 22 shows. Netflix is still in the lead. Here's the chart and full analysis.

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Netflix continued to lead in OTT marketing in October

The Drum - Found Remote has been partnering with MediaRadar, a leading ad-sales intelligence platform to understand how the major OTT platforms are diversifying their marketing efforts.

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Has America Abandoned Diplomacy For The Offensive?

We’re on the precipice of the most hotly contested and personally inflammatory U.S. Presidential election in history. This election has abandoned politically correct statements for outrageous accusations. It seems our Republican and Democratic...

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Six Things We Know About Native Advertising

It has been a few years that native advertising is being actively placed in the market. With the year-end approaching, it’s a good time to take stock of what we now know. At MediaRadar, we’re now not just tracking native ads, but also studying...

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Trends in Primetime Programming: June - September 2016

MediaRadar, the ad sales intelligence company that tracks how ad dollars are spent, took a look at advertisers that are on both national TV and YouTube. Here’s what they found:

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