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Posts By Troy Dreier

12 March 2018 | Troy Dreier


Snapchat Ad Length: The Average Video Ad is 8 Seconds Long

OnlineVideo.net—Can a brand get a persuasive message across in only eight seconds? Many are trying.

13 November 2017 | Troy Dreier

Brand Safety

Programmatic Needs to Win Back Advertisers’ Trust; Here’s How

OnlineVideo.Net - Joe Barone has had a lot of “you mean to tell me” meetings with clients. These are the ones where clients sputter, “You mean to tell me I’ve been wasting half my money for five years?” Barone is

6 September 2017 | Troy Dreier

Video Advertising Autoplay

Auto-Play Heyday: Over 60% of Publishers Auto-Play Most Video Ads

OnlineVideo.net - Publishers know the audience hates it, but they also know it means guaranteed views so they do it anyway The topic is auto-play video. According to fresh data from advertising intelligence company 

3 August 2017 | Troy Dreier

Video Advertising youtube

Adpocalypse? What Adpocalypse? YouTube’s Ad Sales Bounce Back

OnlineVideoThe site that made brand safety a major concern for the entire online video ad industry has shown how to deal with brand safety issues.Earlier this year, YouTube experienced some well-documented

20 July 2017 | Troy Dreier

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic and Addressable TV Spend Rising, Still a Small Part

OnlineVideo.netIt all depends on how you look at it. Programmatic TV ad spending will rise by 75.7 percent this year, growing to $1.13 billion, reports research company eMarketer. It will grow another 85.2

13 July 2017 | Troy Dreier

Native Advertising Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Is Down, Native Is Up: MediaRadar on Q1 Ad

OnlineVideoAre the glory days of programmatic advertising already over? Advertising intelligence company MediaRadar released a Q1 2017 trend report showing that the number of programmatic advertisers dropped by

9 May 2017 | Troy Dreier

Digital Advertising Online Advertising

Charting the Adpocalypse: 5% of Advertisers Left Google Preferred

OnlineVideo.NetYouTube’s well-publicized brand safety concerns earlier this year led hundreds of advertisers to threaten to boycott the top video sharing site. It also led to a noticeable dip in ad revenue for