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Posts By David Kirkpatrick

21 December 2017 | David Kirkpatrick

Digital Advertising Advertising Trends Ads.txt

Study: Only 20% of publishers' websites use ads.txt


Marketing Dive—While ads.txt and other measure being taken by digital marketers this year have suggested a more concerted effort to address fraud, the MediaRadar report highlights how fighting fraud can only be

8 September 2017 | David Kirkpatrick

youtube Brand Safety

Agencies Tap OpenSlate to audit YouTube Brand Safety

Marketing DiveThat agencies are establishing ongoing relationships with companies like OpenSlate shows they are taking clients' concerns about brand safety seriously. Whether these moves will be enough to

7 September 2017 | David Kirkpatrick

Video Advertising Autoplay

MediaRadar: 61% of publishers autoplay at least half of video ads

Marketing Dive - Autoplay video ads are valued by publishers and advertisers for their ability to immediately catch the attention of users. However, the way that attention is caught is often viewed as intrusive and

31 August 2017 | David Kirkpatrick

Native Advertising

BuzzFeed dumps policy against banner ads in potential blow to native

MarketingDiveBeyond markedly changing the user experience on BuzzFeed's website and mobile app, adding banner ads might come as a serious blow to media companies looking to native advertising as a savior for the

3 August 2017 | David Kirkpatrick

Online Advertising youtube

Study: YouTube brand safety woes in the rearview as advertiser presence surges

MarketingDiveBig-name brands including Walmart and Procter & Gamble have remained firm in staying off of YouTube until it can provide more concrete brand safety assurances, but the new MediaRadar research

24 July 2017 | David Kirkpatrick

Programmatic Advertising

Report: Google steps up fight against fraud, and its findings are alarming

MarketingDiveFor a digital advertising industry with ever-mounting concerns about transparency and fraud, the findings from Google's initiative will do little to quell fears and only serve to reinforce the deep

19 July 2017 | David Kirkpatrick


YouTube boycott fervor cools, but P&G, Walmart still stay away

MarketingDiveThe YouTube boycott initially seemed like more of a PR problem for the platform and for Google than a major hindrance to revenue, but it did cost YouTube 5% of its top North American advertisers at

11 July 2017 | David Kirkpatrick

Native Advertising

Study: Native ads are soaring as programmatic suffers

MarketingDiveAs marketers strive to achieve greater authenticity and produce more narrative-focused content, native advertising is picking up serious traction. Native ads are also popular because the format