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Free Live Virtual Event

Winning is Contagious: 4 Ways to Realize Potential and Expand Your Market

Thursday,  October 06, 2022, 1pm EST

With an economic slowdown, you need to become "recession-proof." One critical but often overlooked way to do this, is to get the most from every sales opportunity.

On Thursday, October 06, 2022, MediaRadar’s Chief Sales Officer, Jen Wilga, will present part 3 in our Winning is Contagious webinar series titled: 4 Ways to Realize Potential and Expand Your Market 

During this Free 30-minute virtual event, Jen will discuss:

  • Understanding your Total Addressable Market and how you can expand it.
  • Mapping your sales plan and managing your sales pipeline.  
  • Balancing your account lists - so you don't leave money on the table. 
  • How to lead score your opportunities - ensure you're targeting your biggest opps!

More details to come…

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winning is contagious

Who Is Our Host?


Jen Wilga

Chief Sales Officer, MediaRadar

Jen Wilga is a dynamic sales champion who is leading MediaRadar’s sales efforts. She joined MediaRadar with over 20 years of experience, and since 2015 has led the company to over 250% revenue growth - accomplishing over 30% growth in the last year alone. Prior to MediaRadar, Jen played a critical role in developing and executing the sales strategy for CareerBuilder's Software Division, where she was recognized as a Top Leader. Other notable career accomplishments include: 2007 Rookie and Sales Rep of the Year, as well as being a 7x President's Club winner. She has a proven ability to build businesses, coach her team, and exceed even the highest of goals. Jen received her BA from Misericordia University.

Why Does Jen Love Being A Sales Leader?

Quotation marks

“When I was an individual contributor, I earned Sales Rep of the Year.  It was an incredible honor and one that I had been working towards and focusing on with every passing quarter.  As I stood on stage to accept my award, I didn’t think I could feel more proud professionally – that is until one of my sales reps a few years later achieved the same honor. 

Nothing could overshadow the feeling of pride that I felt watching that rep achieve their dreams. I instantly recalled the countless business trips, hours spent strategizing, role playing and working towards that one goal.  It is incredible to see all of their hard work recognized with such a distinguished honor.”