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Winning is Contagious: 4 Ways to Set Goals

Thursday, June 2, 2022, 1pm EST

This jam-packed live virtual event will show you how to leverage MediaRadar’s market analysis with proven sales coaching techniques to create a winning environment for your team.

On Thursday, June 2, 2022, MediaRadar’s Chief Sales Officer, Jen Wilga will present part of our Winning is Contagious webinar series entitled: 4 Ways to Set Goals.

During this Free 30-minute virtual event, Jen will discuss:

  • Create realistic goals with your team using MediaRadar to back into market and account list potential
  • Map the course to success with each sales rep by demonstrating the potential pathways, obstacles, and teamwork
  • Inspect what you Expect and ensure you are on the same page through progress discussions
  • How to provide feedback and course correct without discouraging the rep.
  • Celebrate Success while keeping your team wanting more.

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winning is contagious

Who Is Our Host?


Jen Wilga

Chief Sales Officer, MediaRadar

Jen Wilga is a dynamic sales champion who is leading MediaRadar’s sales efforts. She joined MediaRadar with over 20 years of experience, and since 2015 has led the company to over 250% revenue growth - accomplishing over 30% growth in the last year alone. Prior to MediaRadar, Jen played a critical role in developing and executing the sales strategy for CareerBuilder's Software Division, where she was recognized as a Top Leader. Other notable career accomplishments include: 2007 Rookie and Sales Rep of the Year, as well as being a 7x President's Club winner. She has a proven ability to build businesses, coach her team, and exceed even the highest of goals. Jen received her BA from Misericordia University.

Why Does Jen Love Being A Sales Leader?

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“When I was an individual contributor, I earned Sales Rep of the Year.  It was an incredible honor and one that I had been working towards and focusing on with every passing quarter.  As I stood on stage to accept my award, I didn’t think I could feel more proud professionally – that is until one of my sales reps a few years later achieved the same honor. 

Nothing could overshadow the feeling of pride that I felt watching that rep achieve their dreams. I instantly recalled the countless business trips, hours spent strategizing, role playing and working towards that one goal.  It is incredible to see all of their hard work recognized with such a distinguished honor.”