After you time your email correctly and get in front of your prospect, the next step is to make sure you actually get that email opened.

It all comes down to having the right subject line.

Your goal is to make your subject line both memorable and actionable - something that stands out in your prospect's overloaded inbox.

For instance, one of my more effective subject lines has read: "We can help you get ‘X’ number of new advertisers.” It's both memorable and actionable, since it is specific and helps get the recipient intrigued about the email's solution-focused content. 

Another tip that I've learned over the years is to make your subject line read like a text.

When developing your subject line, imagine what you can quickly say in 60 to 70 characters that will instantly get your prospect to understand the content of your email.

Lastly, make your personality come through.

Building business relationships is both an art and a science, and it's important for you to leverage the "art" with the subject line of your emails.

For example, if I have tried to get a hold of a prospect numerous times but haven't been able to, I've used the line: "I swear I'm not a stalker…”.

That particular subject line still elicits my highest email open rates. And I smile when I write it because I think my personality comes through. I'm a mom of two kids. I love what I do. Of course I'm not a stalker. I'm just passionate about earning their business. 

Typically, thinking outside of the box and using some creative and uncommon subject lines can get you the highest open rates.

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