The Best Sales Advice

What’s the best ad sales advice in the digital age? Sell across media platforms!

Upsell current advertisers and win new business by expanding your advertisers’ reach beyond one format. Since media consumption has become more ‘on demand’, it’s no longer enough for brands to advertise on one screen—ads need to run across desktop, mobile and TV.

As an ad sales executive, how can you incorporate cross-platform selling and deliver cross-channel packages to advertisers?  

The sheer volume of ads makes it difficult for brands to stand out. In the first half of 2016, there were 49,305 digital advertisers according to MediaRadar. And just last month, 2,265 advertisers purchased sponsored content, and increasingly popular high CPM ad type. To help advertisers gain traction across channels, here are three important ad sales tips.

  1. Conversant in top trends. Subscribe to AdAge, AdWeek, Broadcast & Cable, Medipost, Digiday and Cynopsis and others so you can knowledgeably speak to top industry trends and campaigns. Keep up-to-date on media agency influence and buying power of decision makers.
  2. Clinch the Upsell. Market to current customers that you know are buying digital on other sites but not with you. Upsells are five times more likely, since you have an existing relationship with clients.
  3. Pursue early adopters. Reach out to advertisers who have already migrated some ad spend from linear TV to premium digital units like native and online video. Identify brands that run highly integrated campaigns. These advertisers will be more likely to purchase ad formats across all broadcast and cable properties in your parent company.

For more in-depth information, download our free white paper, Learn to Sell a Cross-Platform Experience.  

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