A Recap of Auto-Play Videos as told in The Wall Street Journal

We recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the upward trend of auto-play videos now seen on 88% of top websites. As the article explains, this is taking a page from Facebook's playbook and not YouTube's. Auto-play videos play automatically when a user scrolls by the video whereas on YouTube, clicking on the video is necessary in order for it to play.

The reason for the incredible growth of auto-play videos has to do with ease of consumption. This 88% comes from the top 330 websites, only considering videos above the fold while some certainly playing ads in the beginning. With video ad prices capable of being even 10 times higher than the price of display ads, web publishers are leaping at the opportunity to sell more profitable ads.

With Facebook setting the pace with an extraordinary 8 billion views a day from their videos, auto-play videos will likely not slow down any time soon.

What are your thoughts on auto-play videos?

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