Wall Street Is Hungry For Data Initiatives

by MediaRadar on September 16, 2015 in Did You Know?, Advertising Trends

In the recently published Dealbreaker article, "Hedge Funds Are Thirsty as Hell for Decision-Making Data," Greg Neufeld warns his hedge-fund readers that if their company hasn't started securing some sort of data initiative already, they will very soon! The article highlights different companies that collect unique data that may be essential to hedge funds in gaining a competitive edge. MediaRadar is one of the six companies that fall under this category of unique data collection. This is a very interesting read especially when considering our current position in this "data age." Read full article here.

This is one of many recently published articles that discusses the intersection of Wall Street and unique data collecting companies. MediaRadar, specifically, spoke with the New York Post about how our advertising tracking service may help predict stock performance. In case you missed it, read the article here, where we also talk about predicting Panera Bread's quarterly results before they occurred. Our CEO, Todd, also took a moment to speak with CNBC's "Closing Bell" to talk more about this. Watch the clip here.

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