The State of Programmatic Advertising in the B2B Market

We were a proud sponsor of American Business Media's Business Information and Media Summit this past week. This B2B centered conference pushed us to find out the current status of programmatic advertising in the B2B market. While it has been said that B2B publishers are not warm to actively adopting programmatic, we were motivated to uncover just how much adoption of programmatic advertising has occurred this past year. We shared some fresh data with BIMS, and now our blog. Let's take a look:

From January 2015- September 2015:

21percent B2B advertisers and 30 percent B2B website

While 30% of B2B websites are selling programmatically, 21% of B2B advertisers are buying programmatically.

In the same time period, the total number of B2B advertisers placing programmatically is 10,988. However, we narrowed this number down to exclude B2B advertisers who are placing untargeted ads and this number became 6,703. This means that 61% of all B2B advertisers placing programmatically are actually placing targeted ads. Here it is broken down by category:

advertisers by category

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