Online Video: How long is too long?

The ongoing question in advertisers' mind: How long should online video advertisements be? In varying blogs and articles, the answer never seems to be quite concrete. Well, MediaRadar looked into it. Online video ads that last 15 seconds and 30 seconds are the most popular durations. Together, they represent a whopping 75% of all video advertisements. Take a look below.


However, this goes directly against what Pandora and Instagram are pursuing which are 5-15 second ads. This reinforces why this question is still ongoing.

On the other hand, traditional broadcasters and cable companies who own websites do contribute to the most popular trends by favoring 30 second spots. This is a bit surprising since their traditional business price ads based on duration, so the longer, the more expensive. Nonetheless, they are contributing to the 75% of video advertisements that make up the most common type.

What do you think about the versatility in video advertisements?


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