Welcome to the new MediaRadar.com!

by Todd Krizelman on April 04, 2014 in On the Mind

Welcome to the new MediaRadar.com! We’re so excited about the launch of our brand new and enhanced Web site.

When we first began in 2006, we set out to address the unmistakable need for deep, personalized sales tools and competitive intelligence to drive a more efficient and effective ad sales process for magazines.

Since then, we have continually invested in building advanced solutions – online, in print, and in social media – as the publishers and marketers we serve have expanded into new media.

Today, MediaRadar works with more than 1,200 digital and print publications, researchers, and brand marketers, and we track more than 2 million brands across thousands of sources. This new Web site better reflects what MediaRadar is today, and where we are heading.

We are also very excited about MediaRadar’s very first blog! We have our finger on the pulse of the continually evolving publishing, advertising, and media landscape, and we want to share our data and insights with you.

I’ve been in publishing and advertising for 15 years, and I speak with our clients every day, learning and exchanging ideas about what is going on in our world. I’m excited to use this blog to offer some insights into what I’m seeing across the industry.

Jesse Keller, MediaRadar’s co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, has been actively involved in the technology, development, and data industry for 20 years. He is always speaking with other developers and entrepreneurs, and will post here about the latest trends in data and technology.

Jesse and I, along with others on our team, have a lot to say, so be sure to check back here for regular industry trends and updates.

All the best,

Todd Krizelman, co-Founder and CEO

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