Online Advertisers Penetrating the Fashion Media

Advertising has definitely found success this past year in fashion media. 3,222 individual advertisers placed online ads across all fashion websites this past September, a 53% jump from September 2014. This incredible leap in advertising sparked our curiosity about the current state of the fashion media market. So, we dove into the advertisers who are classified as beauty, fashion, and home furnishings. These advertisers are what we call "targeted" advertisers since they pursue a specific market with a specific audience base. This data can give us a more accurate health reporting in the fashion media.

Here's what we found out:
Number of advertisers who target fashion websites increased YOY by 36%, increasing from 641 to 870.

bar graph

Another interesting observation we noted is the adoption of newer media formats being placed on high-end brands websites. While luxury and fashion brands take a more cautious route to online advertising, Chanel placed native advertising and even online video in September campaigns, one of the most important months for fashion.

Take a look at one of the native ads or online video Chanel placed.

native creative

[video width="870" height="490" mp4=""][/video]


All in all, online success is very apparent this past year and particularly in the month of September. We are interested to see where online advertising goes from here.

As for print, 1,289 advertisers bought into the September issues bringing the total number of ad pages down 2.3%. Although it seems like this is a downward trend for print, it is not the most accurate interpretation. Taking into consideration the 20 fashion websites, 11 titles saw the decline in print advertising, but only 2 from those 11 represented 55% of the entire drop. This is an indication of weaker individuals titles but not a representation of the entire fashion market.

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